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    SD became active around Jan/Feb 2014, didn't really focus on it until 6-8 months ago. I started at the gym in May 2013, on a bulking cycle that went for about 6-7 months. At the start I was eating normal and healthy, then junk food made it's way into my diet plan. Over time the clean food/junk food consumption fluctuated, but gradually went downhill. In late December I started a cutting routine which cut my calories, and I was eating more healthy. Towards the end of Jan I had an intimate relation with a girl I really liked, but things happened during it that sent me on a downward spiral for the next 8-12weeks (I think - I'm not sure how long it went for). During this "down" time, I stopped training, ate bad constantly, started smoking again, and just had such a negative, low mindset that I really couldn't do anything about, but let it run it's course. I think there was a period there where I ate junk food exclusively for about 4-6 weeks, and I'm talking 3-5 meals a day. Also during this time, I was aware of something happening in my midsection area. I really can't explain it, but I feel as though I was going through some sort of physiological change within my body. It was a weird feeling, but it didn't hurt or anything, so I forgot about it. Then the seb derm came. Time went by, it didn't go away, creams and washes didn't fix it, so I went to Dermo to see what's up. He diagnosed SD, told me I couldn't get rid of it, and then not much else after that. He gave me a sheet of paper with treatment solutions and wrote some stuff on the back, and that was it. I felt like I wasted $160, but I needed the diagnosis at least. Anyway, you're on your own with this one. They don't know what causes it, or how to fix it. I didn't (and still can't) really accept that. I learnt after awhile that the inflammation is an immunological response from your immune system telling you that something is not right within. Now, I've always had crap skin - I've had flakes from my hair since high school. My skin would develop rashes in certain places at certain times for certain reasons. But this is different. This is my immune system.

    In summary, this is my theory about what has happened:- Bulking diet was good at the start, then went slowly bad to really bad. An accumulation of food toxins and bacteria residue could not properly be processed and filtered through my system creating overgrowths of bad gut flora and yeast and whatever else there is in there. From here I think I have massively overloaded my digestive system and related organs to be not functioning at their maximum capacity. Add in a couple of months of depression and there you have it - a recipe to make Seborrheic Dermatitis. I have another theory as well, that no two people are the same, no two people go down the same path to developing SD, therefore, no two people will be able to control, manage, and hopefully eliminate the underlying cause of this condition. But what is the same amongst everyone who has SD (and I can't really speak for sufferers of other skin disorders), is that there is an issue(s) with their digestive / Immune system. It could be genetic, allergic, trauma based, etc. I believe some can correct the issue, I believe some can't. I do get down about it, but someone said to me that "If you get through life with just that, you've done pretty well", which makes me appreciate the things that still do work with my body. It's still hard though.

    Well that's my story, I'm happy to be a part of this community, and I think this is one of (if not, the best) website out there, regarding SD. Thank you Michael for what you are doing, and I want you to know that I thoroughly appreciate your efforts in the fight to cure SD!!!


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    I have severe seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp. I have tried diets, shampoos, and homeopaths. I have had it most of my life but in the last 7 years the effect has become severe.  As of late, I have taken gluten out of my diet (since last October) and it seemed that the dermatitis went away - but it has come back. Next up is getting rid of dairy. (I don't think my friends will ever invite me over for dinner again!) I do see a dermatologist, that I adore, but I am at my whits end. I start going down rabbit holes on the internet but it only gets me more confused and depressed - especially all the natural remedies - I wished they worked but they haven't. I  don't think my dermatologist is evil and not all medicine is evil but there has to be something more I can do. I just think there is a balance somewhere to be found. Anyways, I am looking for a balanced place to search out information because the internet in general, just brings me down.

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    I have SD for several years now. Currently, sea salt seems to be the most consistent treatment for me.

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    I've had SD for as long as I can remember around my nose and scalp.  Recently I've had major problems with my ears too.  So embarrassing.  I'm interested in non-pharmaceutical solutions.

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    Curing Facial Seborrhea Dermatitis

    Follow the candida diet faithfully (this is your first line of defense and will get the ball rolling for repairing your body internally)

    Purchase a good quality internal anti-fungal such as turmeric or caprylic acid (this is also a part of your first line of defense)

    Take the tablets once or twice every day depending upon your body's response to detoxification.

    Purchase a raw, unfiltered honey and a good quality SEA salt (the honey is for washing your face and masking every other day for a couple of hours and then rinsing)

    The sea salt is applied in a diluted manner (1 tsp sea salt to 2Tb filtered or spring water) over the entire face once in the morning and once just before bed and left on all day/night if possible.

    It's okay to lightly rinse off the sea salt mixture after a few minutes if you find it stings too much; however the longer you can leave the diluted sea salt on your face the better and more quickly you will see results.

    Do not use any other face wash or mask at this time.

    You will see clearer skin in 1-3 days but continue the diet and external treatments for at least 4-6 months. It typically takes this long (sometimes longer depending upon how bad the seborrhea dermatitis is) in order to see longer lasting results. Seborrheic dermatitis is caused by an over abundance of Candida albicans and  unless treated over the long term, will likely continue to thrive and cause your seborrheic dermatitis to linger. Permanent results are more likely guaranteed if you change your diet to one that reduces most sugars and eliminates preservatives entirely.

    You will lose weight on this diet. Lots of weight. If you find yourself losing too much, add high fat oils (coconut, butter, allowable nuts) and increase your protein consumption.

    After about six months, you can start introducing 'non candida diet' foods one at a time to see how your skin reacts.

    As a side note, the external treatment for facial skin can also be applied elsewhere on the body. Simply experiment a bit with the honey and sea salt ratios until you find one that works. Just be patient and don't give up.

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    Started struggling with seb derm a few years ago. Tried everything and nothing has worked as well as Biom8 thus far.

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    I'm a 46 yo Caucasian female. I've had SD of the scalp for approx 10-11 years. Like everyone, I've tried SO many things to cure or even just help it. Many of the things that have helped others have done nothing for me.

    I don't have flare-ups -- I have constant SD.  I switch time between a very arid, and a very humid climate, and that has not seemed to make any difference either.

    My default way of handling it is to put something–I've switched around from coconut oil, to plain yoghurt, to conditioner mixed with oregano oil, and currently am using a combo of lemon juice/veg glycerin/oregano oil)–on my scalp, leave it 2-8 hours under a plastic cap, and gently exfoliate the scales off w a comb.

    Tho I've experimented with dietary stuff before (and I tend to have a much healthier diet anyway than most accounts I read), three weeks ago I started what is basically a Whole30 diet, plus leaving out eggs and nightshades, and very low sugar (no sugars of any kind, no dried fruits, and just 0-1 pieces of fresh fruit per day). At the same time, I've started spraying my scalp with a mixture of veg glycerin, red cedar essential oil, red cedar tincture, and lemon juice. I still have to exfoliate my scalp as described above, about every 3-4 days.

    This is the strictest diet I've undertaken, and I've also started sleeping more (I used to work nights) so I'm really hopeful some change and improvement will take place. I am already a height-weight proportionate, very fit person (I exercise extensively every week) I also have absolutely no other health issues – no asthma/hay fever, no other skin issues (the rest of my skin is extremely healthy), no allergies, no digestive problems, and I get sick with even a cold less than once every 2 years.

    So why my scalp SD is so crazy-making and intractable has always been a mystery to me.

    Michael, thanks SO MUCH

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